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RP2J - Difficult Access in Newcastle

Terrascan was engaged by SMEC to conduct borehole imaging of 3 boreholes in the Rankin Park to Jesmond (RP2J) project in Newcastle. Optical and Acoustic Televiewers were used to collect fracture and bedding orientations for the geotechnical site investigation. PVC surface casing was installed to enable the rigs to be moved off the boreholes and all three boreholes to be imaged on the same day. Heavy rainfall in the previous week created very challenging, slippery conditions but the Transporter Imaging vehicle was able to get close enough for the equipment to be carried in by hand, giving us greater appreciation of our lightweight mini-winch.

The job was completed in a single day, including all three boreholes imaged and travel each way from Sydney. After the core photos and core logs were collected, Terrascan presented the Imaging reports to SMEC with minimal delay.

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