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Full Waveform Sonic

Terrascan has just added a Full Waveform Sonic (FWS) tool to its arsenal. It is used extensively in groundwater and geotechnical projects to calculate compressional 'P' and shear 'S' wave velocities in open boreholes. The FWS tool is instrumental in determining the rock strength variation down a borehole. In addition, we have also upgraded our winch to 950m, greatly extending the capability of our 4x4 logging unit and televiewers.

It sends a high energy source wave through the formation. The waves propagate within the formation and are recorded by the four receivers along the length of the tool. Real time analysis of the waveform is recorded for later processing.

Borehole conditions:

- Water filled

- Casing on rock

- Open borehole

- BH diameter 75mm to 100mm (contact us for larger diameters)

The FWS tool can be used as a standalone tool or complimentary to Acoustic and Optical imaging. Please contact us to discuss your next project.

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